Lightsweet Industry and Trade Food Ltda. was founded in April 1990. Initially the production of our Company was limited to the sweeteners, but over the years with the market recognition it became necessary to expand the line of products. Today our company is a national leader in Brazil developing Light, Zero Sugar and Diet content foods, besides being a reference in quality of life and social responsibility.

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Being one of the most respected companies in the food industry in Brazil, Lightsweet, since its founding, is involved with the commitment to achieve results in the development of research into new technologies for the sector. That translates into more advanced food industrialization and the development of products that are correlated with higher international quality standards.

Our Company commercializes products under the registered trademarks Magro and Lowçucar and also another one in the line of Food Service (Lowçucar). All of them join more than 150 products developed to meet the nutritional needs of our clients in a delicious and healthy way, pleasing the palate.

To meet the needs of all who choose to reduce or eliminate sugar from the diet, either to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to fight diseases such as diabetes or obesity, the work of teams of specialists of our company is motivated by creativity, pleasure and dedication to provide improvements in the welfare and health of our clients.

Lightsweet knows that to eat has to be synonymous of satisfaction, and the union of pleasure and health in a sugar-free diet is the key challenge in the development of our products.


Retail markets in the territory of Brazil

Lightsweet sells products to the final consumer in the national territory in their light, diet and zero sugar variants, all easily prepared. Our products range from soft drinks, wafers, powder for cakes, chocolaty, caramel, jellies, mousses, puddings, flans, tea, cappuccino and hazelnut cream until culinary sweetener, fructose light and salt.

Food Service Market

In this area of operation our company has a varied line of products for the preparation of diet, light and zero sugar recipes, ideal for restaurant, hotel and restaurants networks. The products accompany the recipes developed by the experimental kitchen ensuring the quality and nutritional information. The main products are powders intended to prepare cakes, mousses, gels, soft drinks, condensed milk and culinary sweetener and fructose, which allow the preparation of a wide variety of recipes.

Own Brand

In this business area are the products manufactured by Lightsweet but commercialized by other companies under their own brand. The marketing of our products by others entities is assumed as an initiative with very positive results, as it adds to a strong and established brand, the quality of the products of Lightsweet.


Our Company has a wide range of products for export activity, taking into account the specific requirements of each particular country. The performance of Lightsweet outside Brazil covers countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Kuwait and Angola. Lightsweet has the appropriate infrastructure (physical, administrative, human resources, financial, and technical) necessary to properly exercise its export activity.

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